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Fantaisie is a high-end fashion clothing and accessories store based in France offering a variety of the latest trendy items. The project scope included creating a brand name, designing a logotype, stationary items, packaging for boxes, wrapping papers and product tags.


The challenge was to come up with a brand concept that is modern and one-of-a-kind in the high-end fashion industry. We were also challenged to develop a luxurious yet very elegant brand identity that would pass the company's essence.


Fantaisie — fashion clothing and accessories store

We came up with a name “Fantaisie” - meaning fantasy in French. The logotype consists of the brand name and a sign of a wardrobe key. And what is a woman’s wardrobe, if not a fantasy world? That's why the brand positions itself as a fantasy world hidden in every woman’s wardrobe - a world of style and elegance, fresh looks and delicate accessories, where everyone can express themselves through their own style. Thus, the brand style was designed to trigger associations with fantasies, beauty and nature.

With this in mind, we tried to combine elegance and magic, pick colors as if they are from Andersen's fairytale forests, and draw shapes that highlight the elegance of the brand products.

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