Salty DXB



Salty DXB is a women’s swimwear and beach accessories brand in Dubai, that provides a variety of quality garments, intended to benefit women of all body types, sizes and skin colors. The brand is all about making women feel confident - that means providing them with a product that fits well, makes them feel sexy, yet not revealing. Salty DXB is an attitude as much as it is a brand!


The challenge was to design an authentic brand that would stand out by being bold and impressive, and convey a sense of comfort and confidence. It was also important to design a visual language that would translate Dubai’s playful spirit into its colors and shapes. With this in mind, we had to create a bright, cheerful look that would pass the brand’s values!


The movement of waves was our first source of inspiration. The second inspiration was the marine life with its amazing creatures. The intense and vibrant colors reflect the positivity of the brand. In the unfolding of the identity, the prints were composed of elements characteristic of the marine world and a representation of the waves. This entire visual universe makes up Salty DXB’s worldview and bold style, which combines the colorful prints, dynamic shapes and unique experiences.

"Salty DXB"- a swimwear brand for confident women

Salty DXB moodboard
The logo is a combination of a word mark and a wave symbol. While the cheeky font choice gives the logo a unique touch and conveys the brand’s mood and tone of voice, the wave sign creates direct associations with water, beach, and swimming. The logo represents comfort, freedom and action.
Salty DXB patterns/moodboard
Salty DXB patterns/moodboard
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