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Wood Symphony



Wood Symphony Gallery presents contemporary fine wood art created by internationally recognized artists to enrich people's lives and enhance the understanding and appreciation of wood art. Through gallery exhibitions and printed catalogs we endeavor to expand the boundaries of contemporary artistic practice and increase the exposure of work in this field. We represent over 200 artists from around the world, focusing our efforts on the emerging field of contemporary wood art

Wood Symphony Gallery has started a new project,the goal of which is to present a curated collection of unique digital AR sculptures to allow our artists and collectors to fully immerse themselves in the exciting new virtual world of art. So they needed an elegant landing page to present digital AR sculptures and announce the start of auction.


Augmented reality sculptures as a branch of contemporary art are little known to many people. Action is needed time limit.


The site is full of textual information, the layout of which should be logical, hierarchical, legible and aesthetic. There was a need for a large number of action points that would allow the
user to decide whether to participate at any given time, to see a logical solution, a direction button or text.
The start of the auction was planned in advance, so the deadlines for creating the site were short.

"Wood Symphony"- AR digital collection of NFT artworks

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