Yugen Monster



Illustration series about two biologists' adventures and their amazing encounter with the Yuen Monster - a mysterious creature living deep in the jungle.


Considering the product-characteristics we were challenged to come up with a concept that would speak about the product, highlighting its characteristics. The logotype needed to be modern, simple and iconic, and it had to be easily printed or sprayed on the solar barrels.


We came up with a solution to combine the shapes of a battery and the actual solar barrel to best represent the essence of the product. The primary brand colors are blue, which represents stability and yellow, which represents energy - this color combination completely conveys the brand's essence.

Jessica is a talented research biologist at the Massachusetts Biological Center. She has devoted all her research activities to the study of the flora and fauna of the Earth, in particular mysterious and untouched jungles. Jessica is never afraid of wild animals or poisonous plants.

Filled with a spirit of adventure and endless curiosity, she decides to go on a field expedition deep into the jungle together with her colleague and friend Tom to study the jungle’s flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

However, she did not expect to find something that would change her conceptions and will become her most amazing secret.

Yugen Monster character illustration biologist
Yugen Monster character illustration biologist
Tom is an experienced biologist and a longtime friend of Jessica, with whom they have conducted many field studies and expeditions to the most isolated places on Earth.

However, even after so many years of work, Tom is one of the most determined, curious and enthusiastic explorers and always strives to learn more about the world surrounding him. Nothing can stop him from chasing his curiosity. That is why, when Jessica offered him to go on another expedition, he replied, “What should we take with us on the road”?
Yugen Monster character illustration biologist
Yugen Monster character illustration biologist
The Yugen Monster is an amazing creature living deep in the jungles, where no man has set foot. Where does it come from? Why hasn’t it been found before? Is it the only one of its kind left on Earth? These are questions that have no answers.

One thing is clear - this friendly creature has managed to live next to humanity for centuries, and never got caught. But what if the day they meet finally comes?

Yugen Monster character illustration monster
Going deeper into the jungle, Jessica and Tom became more and more inspired. Involved in their expedition, they examined the plants and collected samples. Jessica wrote everything down in her expedition diary, and Tom tried to find as many jungle inhabitants as possible.
Tom remained calm, but a storm was raging in his thoughts. What a finding! But what is it? He tried to recall everything he knew, but could not identify the horn. What animal does it belong to? He tried to recall the types of horned animals, but could not identify who the horn belonged to and what it had to do in the jungle. Mutation? A new kind of animal? Many questions arose in his mind while he was running to Jessica. But he was sure of one thing: now they were on the verge of a grand discovery.
Both researchers were at an impasse. For a few minutes they looked at their amazing finding. While staring at the horn, Jessica tried to decide what their next move would be. Tom had the same thoughts. He suggested going back to the exact same place where the horn was found to be able to find some traces the creature could have left.
The researchers continued following the unknown footsteps, but so far without success. As they kept walking, they reached a place where the surrounding nature was totally different. Suddenly, Tom's eyes caught a strange glow in the distance. They went towards the glow. As they approached, the glow intensified, and the researchers were surprised to find its source.

They were amazed to find a dwarf tree of unprecedented shape! The tree not only glowed, but was shaped like a mushroom. It seemed the unknown thing was a giant mushroom, but the experienced biologists were sure that despite the strangeness, it was still a tree! Suddenly, Jessica cautiously grabbed Tom's hand and whispered, "tail!"
As Jessica and Tom approached the unknown creature, they found out that it was not aggressive at all. The researchers were amazed and kept gazing at the creature, realizing that they had discovered a completely new species, unknown to science. However, they noticed that the creature was sad. They could tell it from its posture and facial expression. It had sadness in its eyes, and was hopelessly searching for something.
Monster illustration Yugen Branding
Now when the horn had been returned to the creature, a wide smile appeared on the creature’s face.

All the questions Jessica and Tom had about the creature remained a mystery. It would be difficult to describe what a sensation this would bring to the world and how valuable this discovery could be for science. But Jessica and Tom were afraid of what would happen to the creature in a cage, in laboratories. The smile and gentle nature of the monster surprised the scientists, but at that very moment they both realized that this finding would become their shared secret.

Jessica and Tom continued to travel and explore the world, thinking about how little they knew and how many more amazing things are waiting for them. The memories of their jungle adventures and the encounter with the unknown creature always warmed up their hearts and kept them motivated throughout their journeys.

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