BuildUp Bootcamp - Yugen Branding Cooperation

From Zero to Hero: The Journey of Launching BuildUp’s Innovative Bootcamp


Tech, Education, Growth

BuildUp Bootcamp - Yugen Branding Cooperation

From Zero to Hero: The Journey of Launching BuildUp’s Innovative Bootcamp


Tech, Education, Growth

BuildUp is a 16-week problem-based bootcamp for professionals who want to level-up their skills. BuildUp's goal is to revolutionize the way technology is taught in Armenia and create world-class network of engineers, marketers, product managers, and designers passionate about building new products that will have a lasting impact on society and positively influence the future.




BuildUp's team was stuck with the challenge to design digital and print assets that will show their innovative yet complicated processes in an accessible way. They were a few months away from the expected launch date, yet had no clear messaging, visual language and website to start the marketing campaigns.

Our team got the challenge to build a recognizable brand identity, as well as design a functional website and a multi-user dashboards that would show all the complicated processes in a very simple and coherent way.

Our team designed a killer website with seamless flow and came up with well-thought solutions to showcase the complicated processes with effortless diagrams and user-friendly wireframes. To make their product ready to launch, we took care of all the Marketing collateral and set the brand’s visual language that would target the right people.

In just a few months we achieved the impossible, and it paid off! We designed the entire platform and the brand identity that helped BuildUp launch successfully, attract investors and get fully booked for their first batch! Check out the detailed processes and steps we took to make it happen!

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what BuildUp’s Founder and CEO says:


UX/UI Design
Website & Dashboard

The moment you land on BuildUp's website, you're greeted with a clean and modern interface that immediately communicates professionalism, trustworthiness, and an innovative approach. From process workflow screens to student dashboards, we made the flow seamless and user-friendly. By combining a visually appealing interface with intuitive navigation, the website successfully engages users and provides them with the necessary tools to manage their projects effectively.

Turning Complex Processes Into Effortless Diagrams

The informative interactive infographic by Yugen Branding showcases the process diagram for BuildUp Bootcamp.
The informative interactive infographic by Yugen Branding showcases the process diagram for BuildUp Bootcamp.

Custom Graphics
& Illustrations

Our team dived deep into investigating and understanding what BuildUp’s programs offer and took the time to design custom graphics & Illustrations for each course. The graphics demonstrate the essence of each program, while adding added an extra highlight to BuilUp's identity.

Custom graphics and illustrations for BuildUp Bootcamp's social media and marketing materials

Currently, BuildUp has a powerful and impactful brand identity that reflects its positioning. The logo, color palette, typography, visual elements, messaging, tone, and voice worked cohesively to convey reliability and innovation.

By maintaining consistency across all touchpoints, we effectively communicated BuildUp’s value proposition and created a lasting impression on its target audience. We’ve not only helped them raise their brand awareness but also supported in becoming a brand investors and applicants trust!

Brand Identity and
Visual language

Brand identity stationery items for BuildUp Bootcamp: a coffee cup, pen, documents and visit card

Our team has also designed marketing collateral that showcased BuildUp in its full glory. Our goal was to capture the heart of the product and deliver an eye-catching design - without sacrificing clarity. We creatively paired BuildUp's message with stunning visuals for campaigns and events.

Marketing Collateral

Event posts design with speaker photos for BuildUp Bootcamp
Ticket design for BuildUp Bootcamp

Social Media Marketing

Our team also put together strategically designed visuals for social media platforms, which corresponded to their brand identity. Social media visuals were made according to BuildUp’s color palette which is carefully chosen to evoke a sense of innovation and reliability.

Visuals for Programs

A well-balanced combination of graphic-based and photo-based visuals created a visually compelling and engaging brand experience, capturing the attention and emotions of the audience effectively.

Graphic-based Visuals

Graphic-based visuals we’ve designed for BuildUp allowed precise control over the brand's aesthetics and ensured consistency across different platforms. By using consistent design elements and color schemes, we developed a recognizable visual language for BuildUp.

Photo-based Visuals

Our team came up with a nice idea to tell stories and communicate messages in a compelling and narrative-driven way by using photo-based visuals for social media. The banners we’ve created captured the essence of BuildUp's values, creating a visual narrative that resonates with the target audience.

BuidUp developed brand awareness in a short time.
150 + community members, 36+ students, and 4 products in Product Hunt are proof of an established brand.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done for BuildUp and glad that our client has succeeded in their mission and developed a sustainable brand that will have an impact for a long time.

A Success That Was No Accident

Let’s level up your brand!

If you want to make impact, then unleash the full potential of your brand! Join Buildup and many other successful startups we’ve worked with. Enquire below to discover the power of our design team as we work our magic to help you achieve your business goals.

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