Branding for Barrel-The Barrel company produces and sells solar cells in the form of lithium barrels.

Barrel's Solar Revolution: The Iconic Brand Transformation


Solar Energy, Innovation

The Barrel company produces and sells solar cells in the form of lithium barrels. Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available, and Barrel gets you a chance to effectively use this resource. Barrel’s versatility offers a rapid solution to the lack of electricity from the national grid and network. When there is no network, Barrel operates without any blackouts.




We had less than a month to fully rebrand the company and it wasn’t the only challenge. Considering the product's distinctive characteristics we were challenged to come up with a concept that would speak about the product, highlighting its uniqueness. The goal was to create a brand identity that would communicate all the characteristics of the product. The brand mark needed to be modern, simple, and iconic, and had to be easily printed and sprayed on the solar barrels.

We have managed to fully rebrand Barrel in less than a month and it helped boost the company’s customer awareness! The new identity has helped shape a fully recognisable brand in the local and international market. Check out the detailed processes and steps we took to make it happen!

Our team has developed a killer concept for Barrel which couldn’t be more iconic. We came up with a solution to combine the shapes of a battery and the actual solar barrel to best represent the essence of the product. Pairing the brand mark with a modern bold typography, we got a logo that spoke for itself. To transfer the brand’s vibe we picked a combination of two contrasting colors - blue, which stands for stability, and yellow, which represents energy.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Barrel’s Founder and CEO says:


The logotype is a combination of an energy sign and a barrel. The battery shape in the emblem comes with 3 level blocks, which symbolize the energy levels, meanwhile, the solar barrel’s shape conveys the product’s visual characteristics in a minimalistic and simplified way.

Brand Identity

Our team created a simple, minimalistic yet very vivid brand identity for Barrel that has helped the brand position itself as “one-of-a-kind” in the market. From marketing collateral to trade show booth graphics, we’ve truly nailed their visual language!

Business Presentations and Technical Papers

Through a keen understanding of Barrel’s needs, we have translated their technical concepts into compelling visual and written formats. The presentations and papers we’ve crafted not only convey complex technical information with clarity but also captivate the audience.

Social Media Visuals

Our branding efforts extended to Barrel's social media channels as well. We created visually captivating and cohesive graphics that seamlessly integrated the brand identity across various platforms. These social media visuals not only maintain brand consistency but also engage the audience, conveying the unique features of Barrel's solar cell barrels.

Outdoor Ad Banners

We brought Barrel's brand to life in the physical world with eye-catching outdoor banners. These visuals were designed to be impactful and easily recognizable, catching the attention of potential customers. These outdoor banners have turned Barrel's solar cell barrels into a recognizable symbol of clean, renewable energy.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Effective email marketing is all about getting the audience's attention, and our campaigns for Barrel did just that. We created stunning and responsive email marketing visuals that conveyed the message clearly and convincingly. Each email was an opportunity to communicate the value of Barrel's solar cells and encourage engagement.

Barrel quickly built brand awareness with its innovative solution for producing clean, low-cost energy in a barrel. The power of one plant is enough for off-grid power supply of a one-story country house for four to five people.

The innovation has already worked in earthquake-affected areas, including Turkey and in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. Barrel also extends to a number of African countries (Senegal, Morocco, Mali, Ghana, Nigeria) and the Middle East (Oman, United Arab Emirates).

A Success That Was No Accident

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