Tasty Meals Happy Dogs: The Adventure of Crunchy Bites' Wag-tastic Feasts!


Dog Food

Crunchy Bites Dog Food Packaging Design By Yugen Branding

Welcome to the world of Crunchy Bites, where joy and wagging tails abound! We are thrilled to present our latest branding and packaging design project that captures the essence of happiness, bright colors, and the love we share with our four-legged companions.



The market of dog food is overcrowded. Many well-known brands have been in the market for decades. Consumers usually prefer to trust well-known brands. In most cases, Dog owners choose one or two brands and buy from those brands for the entire life of their dogs.Our team got a challenge to create a brand and design packaging that will make people buy from an unfamiliar brand. Crunchy Bites' team challenged us to create packaging that will be unique and fun.

We conducted research and found an open spot in the market where our customer can position with its new product. We created a brand identity that differs from our customers' potential competitors. Differentiation and positive emotions were the two keys that we used to open the market door for our customers.

Crunchy Bites logo by Yugen Branding
Crunchy Bites banner by Yugen Branding

Logo Design

Our team was determined to create a logo that will have a tasty and fun look. Tasty typeface with one crunch from the letter C and we got the logo of the customer's dream.

Logo construction Yugen Branding
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The packaging design for Crunchy Bites dog food bags and bars is a burst of joy that will brighten up any pet pantry. Adorned with playful dogs, our packaging is a true celebration of the love and companionship we share with our pets.
Each bag and bar features the signature slogan "Tasty Meals Happy Dogs," inviting pet parents to join the happiness movement.

The Crunchy Bites got three funny, colorful, and unique package designs from us. We can bet that whenever you look at this package, it will make you smile.



The website is a digital playground of smiles and tail wags, offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience for pet parents.

It showcases full range of products, provides valuable nutritional information, and shares heartwarming stories of happy dogs enjoying their Crunchy Bites meals.

Social Media

Our social media banners are filled with adorable snapshots of dogs enjoying their Crunchy Bites, bringing a smile to every pet lover's face.

Engaging and vibrant, our banners are tailored to create an emotional connection with our audience, fostering a sense of belonging to the Crunchy Bites family.

Crunchy Bites is more than just dog food; it's a lifestyle that celebrates the joy of sharing life with our pets. Our brand is founded on the belief that happy dogs make happy homes, and we're committed to creating delightful and nutritious products that enhance the well-being of our four-legged friends.

Tasty Meals
Happy Dogs

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